Coronavirus (Covid 19) Impact on SEO!

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No doubt, Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 has impacted most industries.

People all over the globe have seen its adverse effect on businesses and jobs.

The good news from an SEO perspective is that we can take a deep breath and analyze the data that is coming through and the impact it has had on various industries.

Most people would be able to guess that the travel industry has suffered the most with travel bans, restrictions and cancellations.

There are massive shortages of essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizers and face masks. Ecommerce sites with these essentials are in popular demand.

People are craving for news feeds on government assistance and regulations. Health, food and recipe websites are also getting a good amount of traffic.

What can you do in times like these?


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Illusions Brand
Illusions Brand
3 years ago

Was this new Google algorithm done explicitly to help with the Corona virus? I saw my competitor bounced up the whole way across the sheets and he was the one and only one.

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