10 Best Memorial Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas for Next-Level Marketing

For small businesses, staying competitive and visible is a constant challenge, but it’s achievable with the right strategies. A crucial aspect is to be aware of key dates and events. Leveraging significant national holidays like Memorial Day with special promotions is an excellent way to gain recognition and respect from your target audience. 

With Memorial Day approaching, here are some effective memorial day digital marketing campaign ideas for small businesses. These strategies can help increase leads, boost sales, or enhance brand value.

10 Amazing Memorial Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

  1. Offer Mobile App Coupons

Offer Mobile App Coupons

Recent research indicates that mobile marketing campaigns tend to be more effective than other types. These campaigns facilitate easier purchasing for customers by eliminating the need for printed coupons. Consider offering mobile app coupons that are valid for either a single day or the entire Memorial Day weekend. 

You can provide loyal, existing customers with exclusive coupons while enticing new customers to join your email list by offering them a special coupon. This strategy not only enhances customer engagement but also promotes eco-friendly practices by reducing paper use.

You can enhance your Memorial Day campaign’s success by signing up for digital marketing packages from a reputable and experienced company, ensuring impactful results.

  1. Host Social Media Contests

Host Social Media Contests
Source: Instagram

Organizing a social media contest is an excellent strategy for a Memorial Day campaign. Consider creating a competition where participants tag and post photos on your platform. Embracing patriotic themes, such as a writing contest about America or a ‘Best American Photo’ contest, can engage your audience effectively. 

Encourage your followers to participate by using a specific hashtag, perhaps asking them to take humorous or creative photos with your products. These types of activities are enjoyable for customers and serve as a great source of engagement. Additionally, you can broaden the contest’s appeal by inviting participants to include their families and communities in their submissions. Other contests include: 

  • Photo Contests: Easy to launch and not requiring a large number of participants. Encourage followers to post photos of their pets, festive outfits, children, or any Memorial Day-themed images on social media, accompanied by a specific hashtag. This not only boosts engagement but also celebrates the holiday spirit.
  • Sweepstakes: A great contest option where winners are chosen randomly. This can be an effective method to collect email addresses, expanding your audience base. Offering prizes incentivizes participation and increases excitement around your brand.
  • Recipe Contests: Ideal for businesses related to food, health, and fitness. Invite customers to share their favorite Memorial Day cookout recipes. Rewarding the best recipe with a special gift can stir up enthusiasm and showcase your products in a practical context.
  • Essay Competitions: Ask your customers to articulate what Memorial Day means to them. Rewarding insightful essays with a prize or store credit can deepen customer engagement and foster a sense of community.
  1. Conduct Various Events

Conduct Various Events

Events are highly engaging marketing strategies for small businesses, offering fun and learning opportunities for attendees.

  • Interactive Events
    These events actively involve the audience, encouraging participation in workshops, discussions, games, and other engaging activities. Consider organizing outdoor dance or music events where everyone is welcome to join. Such events are especially effective in connecting with a younger demographic, especially when infused with a patriotic theme. An energetic and enthusiastic approach can lead to impressive results.
  • Just-For-Fun Events
    Imagine a fun-filled day with your family in your backyard, complete with games and a snow cone machine. Extend an invitation to your customers and their families to join in. This type of event is particularly appealing if your business caters to families and children. A relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere not only provides a memorable experience for families but also enhances your brand’s reputation.
  • Fundraising Events
    Use Memorial Day to host fundraising events aligned with causes relevant to your business, which can significantly enhance your brand’s image. For example, offer discounted prices on your products and commit to donating a portion of the proceeds to support war-affected individuals or education for the underprivileged.
  • Partnered Events
    Collaborate with businesses that share similar values and objectives. For instance, if your business specializes in uniforms, partner with an equipment manufacturer to host a larger event. Such collaborations can broaden your customer reach and potentially increase sales. These Memorial Day event strategies have proven effective in various settings.

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  1. Organize a Happy Hour Campaign

Happy Hour Campaign
Source: Pinterest

Stand out with marketing campaigns offering limited-time special deals. For example, if you run a pizza shop, introduce a “happy hours” promotion during the evening (6-9 pm) over the Memorial Day weekend. Alternatively, you could opt for a week-long advertising campaign culminating on Memorial Day, offering daily deals or discounts.

  1. Embrace Digital Campaign

Embrace Digital Campaign

A highly effective strategy to boost product sales is engaging with potential customers through social media. Regardless of what you sell in your Shopify store, you can launch a Memorial Day campaign across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Highlight your summer offerings and announce special promotions. Consider a Facebook campaign that invites people to share photos of loved ones on your page, rewarding them with a coupon for their participation. 

This approach is impactful, as 60% of Facebook users reportedly visit a local business page at least weekly. Use your page to build relationships with your audience. For example, Jeep gained significant engagement with a post featuring their Wrangler against an American flag backdrop on Memorial Day. Tailoring content to Memorial Day weekend can attract potential customers to your site.

  1. Use National Colors in Your Website and Apps

Use National Colors in Your Website and Apps

The American flag, a symbol synonymous with Memorial Day, should be prominently featured in your website and marketing emails. This helps visitors instantly recognize your holiday-specific offers. Enhancing your design with stars and stripes can further draw attention. Additionally, creating an email marketing template with these elements is versatile and suitable for other patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, Flag Day, Veterans Day, and Election Day.

  1. Create a Dedicated Landing Page

Create Dedicated Landing Page
Source: Freepik

Given the popularity of Memorial Day as an online shopping event, many brands opt to create a landing page specifically for this holiday. This is especially common in industries like furniture, appliances, and home decor. For example, the well-known mattress brand American Mattress annually updates its Memorial Day landing page to showcase special deals and highlight discounted products. 

The key to success with this approach is simplicity. Visitors should be able to quickly grasp the nature of the promotion and what offers are available. For Shopify store owners, setting up a dedicated landing page is straightforward:

  • Design an image that represents Memorial Day and clearly outlines your offer.
  • Detail the items that will be available at a discount.
  • Specify the duration of the offer.
  • Include the terms and conditions of the deal.

Interior and home-shopping websites typically see a 130% increase in sales during the Memorial Day weekend. If you run a similar business, a specialized landing page for this holiday could significantly boost your spring sales.

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  1. Provide a Buy 1 Get 1 Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Offer
Source: Instagram

During Memorial Day weekend, shoppers often look for attractive deals and promotions, even if it means spending more to gain additional items or benefits. Therefore, launching a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer can be a strategic move. To maximize the impact of your buy-one-get-one sale, consider these promotional methods:

  1. Website Banner: Announce your Memorial Day BOGO sale prominently on your website, perhaps with a banner at the top of the homepage. Be clear about whether the offer applies to all products or only select items.
  2. Pop-up Suggestions in Cart: Implement a pop-up feature that recommends complementary items when a shopper has a qualifying item in their cart.

BOGO offers are highly popular, with 66% of consumers indicating a preference for them. Given the increased spending tendencies on Memorial Day, introducing a BOGO deal in your online store could prove highly advantageous.

  1. Advertise for the Summer Vacation Season

Advertise for the Summer Vacation Season
Source: Pinterest

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the warm season and is often associated with travel, as it coincides with the end of the school year. However, not everyone goes on vacation; many spend the weekend engaging in outdoor activities or simply relaxing at home. Therefore, Memorial Day sales should not be limited to just furniture, appliances, home decor, and outdoor items. 

By promoting your products or services during this season when people are enthusiastic about vacations, you can generate significant interest in your store, be it online or physical. Memorial Day presents an opportunity for businesses across various industries to market and sell their products creatively. Here are some targeted suggestions:

  • Clothes: Highlight your summer collection, catering to those looking to refresh their wardrobe for the warmer weather.
  • Cosmetics: Showcase your summer-themed palettes, using vibrant colors to embody the spirit of the season.
  • Spa: Promote special spa packages or skincare products, appealing to those seeking relaxation over the holiday weekend.
  1. Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Memorial Day serves as an excellent occasion to kickstart or intensify your email marketing efforts. Reach out to your subscribers with emails that highlight special Memorial Day deals, events, and competitions. Alternatively, offer exclusive discounts to spark increased interest in your marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a highly effective tool, boasting a significant return on investment and a conversion rate of 66%. To enhance your campaign’s effectiveness:

  • Be creative in your approach.
  • Craft captivating subject lines.
  • Utilize email templates that resonate with the Memorial Day theme, drawing in potential customers.

Ultimately, the key to a successful Memorial Day email campaign is ensuring that your offers provide substantial value to your customers.

Things to Remember for Memorial Day Campaigns

As you plan your Memorial Day marketing strategy to attract more customers, it’s essential to keep in mind some crucial aspects regarding how you present and promote your store during this holiday.

Avoid being too focused on promoting

While Memorial Day is recognized as a significant time for sales and promotions, it’s vital to avoid overwhelming your visitors with excessive marketing. Employing a few of the ideas discussed in this post should suffice. Overdoing promotions can come across as overbearing and insensitive.

Please share useful information about Memorial Day

Memorial Day may hold personal significance, especially if you or someone you know has served in the military. Even without a direct connection, it’s an opportunity to engage meaningfully with the holiday. Consider sharing reflective content, writing a blog post, uploading a video, or providing other relevant information to your visitors during this time.

Do not use the phrase “Happy Memorial Day” in your content

Exercise caution in your messaging. Refrain from using the term “Happy Memorial Day.” The holiday is a solemn occasion, originally intended to honor and mourn military personnel who have died in service. While well-intentioned, the phrase can come across as insensitive.

To Conclude

These ingenious digital marketing ideas for small businesses can certainly enhance your Memorial Day celebration and have a positive impact on your business. Memorial Day is a time when online stores experience a surge in sales. With the school year winding down, the weather warming up, people either moving or embarking on vacations, and a general shift in mood now is an opportune moment to strategize how you will advertise and promote your online store during the holiday season. We trust that this post will furnish you with ideas to make your patriotic sales campaign more engaging while still honoring the significance of Memorial Day.


When is Memorial Day celebrated each year?

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May each year in the United States of America.

Are Memorial Day campaigns important for small businesses?

Absolutely, Memorial Day campaigns can significantly boost your sales, even if you run a small business. Any special occasion that people wish to celebrate presents an opportunity for you as a vendor to capitalize on.

What are some good Memorial Day marketing campaign ideas?

You can organize events, contribute to a charitable cause, leverage social media for promotion, offer special discounts and deals, and even consider hosting happy hour campaigns to maximize Memorial Day sales.

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