Why search engine optimization?

Perhaps you want to buy something? If you travel to your local shop, you don’t know if what you want will be in stock, and you don’t know that the price will be competitive. Indeed you may have to visit – or – telephone – several shops to get the best deal.

Online you can find a supplier and compare prices much more easily. If you think of the trouble taken to find information or compare prices in the real world as a “cost”, then its clear that these cost fall online. The Internet allows its users to save costs, and so millions of people use it.

Therefore in terms of online activity, conducting a search on the Internet is next to sending a mail.

The problem:

1) Are you visible on the search engine?
Do the search engine spiders index your site and are you listed in the search directories?

2) Are you visible on the search engine for the keywords used by your potential customers?
Has your site been optimized for specific keywords that your potential customers use?

3) What is the quality of your visibility?
Where do your firm ranks in the search results.

The solution:

Get you site optimized for the keywords which are most searched for locating your business. Submit to major & support search engine and directories. Use techniques derived from search engine algorithm to rank high on the search engines. Monitor and maintain high rankings once achieved.

These are the basic reasons why search engine optimization is effective than any other online marketing:

1) The growing importance of time. People are becoming “money rich” and “time poor”.
2) People are becoming immune to brand messages, choosing to skip TV adverts and avoid direct selling.

At PageTraffic we offer no-nonsense structured SEO program and packages to high search engine placement, based on sound methodology and goes beyond just submitting your site to the search engines. Contact us Now

Ritu Sharma
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