The New LinkedIn Logo PNG 2024

Download the latest free Linkedin logo PNG full color, for your email signature, resume, CV, or website. It is available in full color, black and white as well as transparent format.

You can use this as part of your social media marketing strategy or to display association with the platform. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform on the internet. With 756 million users, it is also one of the most significant social media platforms.

Like the TikTok logo is used to show that a business has an account on the entertainment platform, LinkedIn logo PNG can do the same. Members utilize the website to communicate with clients, coworkers, and business partners. However, it has a lot more potential. For instance, it may raise your profile, increase brand recognition, and aid in hiring the best candidates for your company.

Latest Linkedin Logo PNG 2024

This is the official Linkedin Logo PNG in color 2024 as available from the professional networking platform.

Latest Linkedin Logo

LinkedIn currently has over 830 million users, out of this figure over 90 million users are top level executives in companies around the world. As the platform has the presence of earning professionals, it has become a great lead generation platform for marketers. LinkedIn allows them to reach business professionals who could be looking to fulfill either their business or personal requirements.

Latest LinkedIn Blue Icon PNG 2024

It is not enough for a logo to appeal to our conscious brains in order to achieve that level of global appeal, especially with a design that will have to last for years. It has to appeal to our subconscious minds as well. For thousands of years, artists, designers, and architects have relied on preconceived notions about what constitutes a beautiful design. Over time, these beliefs can harden into norms, which may not be as effective as we believe.

There could be many instances where a marketer or even an ordinary blogger could use the latest LinkedIn icon PNG.

LinkedIn Blue Icon PNG

The LinkedIn logo PNG can be utilized for a number of things, including:

  • As a blog post’s media
  • Symbol on social media
  • To be used in marketing materials
  • To communicate your relationship with LinkedIn
  • Used for print media

White LinkedIn Logo PNG

Here you have the white LinkedIn Logo PNG. If you cannot see it, this may be due to the white background of this page. Try turning the dark mode on of your browser and it should be all good. Save this logo to use on pages with a dark background.

White LinkedIn Logo PNG

New LinkedIn Logo Black PNG Transparent Background

If white Linkedin logo PNG does not work for you, try this black LinkedIn logo PNG with a transparent background.

LinkedIn Logo Black PNG
LinkedIn Black Icon PNG

LinkedIn Logo GIF

Logos, particularly those of mega-popular apps like LinkedIn, have become deeply embedded in our minds. You risk losing all of your mental goodwill if you change them. Because digital behemoths lack physical presence, such as storefronts, their logos and aesthetic appearance must do all of the heavy lifting. They must be appealing to us, visually appealing, and emotionally engaging.

GIF’s present a great way to mention a brand in a creative way. However, you should always take prior permission from the brand before sharing it.

LinkedIn Logo GIF

Here’s another LinkedIn funny logo GIF.

LinkedIn Logo GIF

LinkedIn Logo 3D

LinkedIn Logo 3D

History of LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn positions itself as a serious web service, and the history of its visual identity is one of the justifications. In almost twenty years of the website’s history, the famous logo has only undergone two redesigns, and the current design and layout is a modified version of the 2003-introduced original.

The original LinkedIn logo consisted of a black “Linked” writing with a white “in” in lowercase in the center of a solid blue square. The nameplate’s strong and bold sans-serif typeface resembled fonts like Radiate Sans Bold and LCT Picón Bold. The logo’s color scheme of white, blue, and black reflected the online portal’s professionalism, seriousness, and dependability.

The 2011 makeover merely altered the typeface of the logotype; the composition, concept, and color scheme were left untouched. Avenir Pro, a font with somewhat thinner lines than the previous version and classic, timeless designs, served as the new LinkedIn logo.

The LinkedIn logo underwent a second facelift in 2019, with the color scheme remaining unchanged. The square with rounded corners located to the right of the writing and tinted the same shade of blue as the black “Linked” inscription today. The typeface has been slightly improved over the previous iteration, and the dots above the letters “I” are now set farther away from the vertical bars.

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New LinkedIn Logo Black & White PNG

Here is the black and white version of the LinkedIn Logo icon. It is excellent to use for print media and other places where colored versions will not work.

LinkedIn Logo Black & White PNG

LinkedIn Logo usage guidelines should always be followed while using any version of the logo in online or print media or for any personal use.

  • Use different color variations only where absolutely necessary
  • Maintain the minimum clearspace, keep the surroundings ‘clean’
  • The logo should always be used with the trademarking
  • Follow the guidelines outlined in LinkedIn brand policy

You can reach out to them at


The new LinkedIn logo is a perfect example of how a company could retain its brand identity even after making several changes to its logo over time. The app has always focused on maintaining a professional space that coordinates with the workplace environment. You can easily download the latest LinkedIn logo from this post and use it according to the brand guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the LinkedIn logo?

The service name is divided into two segments in the logo. The final syllable is written in its own square with rounded corners.

What font is LinkedIn using?

LinkedIn previously used Radiate Sans Bold and LCT Picón Bold fonts. Community, a new custom typeface with handwriting elements and rounded letters, is now being used.

Is it okay to use the LinkedIn logo on my website?

LinkedIn forbids the use of the full logo on websites and business cards. The service only allows you to use the icon, which is the last part of the name (in) separated by a square.

How do you include a LinkedIn logo on a resume?

To add a badge to your resume, sign in to your account and click the “Edit public profile” button. Then, on the right side of the field that opens, scroll down the list and click on “Create an icon.”

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