15 Free Tools For SMEs and Startups to help in digital marketing!

Most startups and small to medium enterprises are aware of the need for digital marketing to strengthen their online presence. Some believe the cost of digital marketing is so huge that it is not worth the investment. This is far from the truth.

Here are 15 of the best free digital marketing tools in an infographic to help you gain on your competitors. Some tools offer basic features on a free account whereas others are free forever. You may have to pay for advanced features. Hopefully, this list of free digital marketing tools will allow you to save time and money when getting started.


Here is the complete list.

  1. Google Analytics:Google Analytics is undoubtedly the world’s most recognized free web analytics service and is considered as the backbone of any marketing campaign. What makes it unique is its tracking code feature which gives incredible number of metrics to the users for absolutely free!
    Google Analytics
  2. Keyword Planner:Keyword Planner is a perfect combination of the Google AdWords Estimator Tool and Keyword Tool. It is the most ideal tool to be used for SEO purposes and searching relevant ideas pertaining to particular keywords.
    Keyword Planner
  3. BuzzSumo:BuzzSumo is the most significant tool in the digital marketing world as it gives the users an access to most useful and relevant content. All you have to do is to simply input the key phrase in the search bar and you’ll get a list of the most popular posts related to the particular keyword.
  4. Hootsuite:Hootsuite is one of the earliest multi-social networking clients and an excellent SEO analaysis tool where the users can integrate most of the popular Social Media platforms and manage all your social media accounts and save considerable time.
  5. SimilarWeb:With a single click, SimilarWeb gives you a quick overview of a site’s ranking & reach and also its user engagement. Also, key digital metrics comparison with direct competitors and leading companies will help you discover your market position more accurately.
  6. Boomerang:Boomerang is an effective plugin for Gmail to schedule your outgoing emails to hit consumer inboxes at the most optimum time. It is a highly recommended tool for email marketing that not only allows you to create and monitor your email campaigns with ease but also easily integrate with your social media accounts.
  7. SEMrush:SEMrush is one of the best SEO and competition analysis tool, where you can not only research your competitors’ keywords, website traffic and check their backlinks but can also help you find better keywords and help fixing any website issues.
  8. Hotjar:Hotjar is an awesome marketing tool that has been categorically designed to understand the website traffic better. It’s a complete website and mobile analytics tool primarily used to optimize the usability and conversion rate of the user’s website.
  9. Canva:Canva is an easy drag-and-drop infographic creator for non-designers to create info-graphics as well as other presentations, visuals and graphics. It’s an ideal tool for users’ Social Media, Content Marketing, Blogging and Advertising needs.
  10. SimplyMeasured:Simply Measured is an aexcellent marketing tool to get social media analytics and metrics. It also assists the users in the monitoring of online mentions of specific keywords which leads to easier decisions and extraordinary results.
  11. CharlieApp:Charlie App is a must-have tool to organize your digital media collection. It compiles and stores almost all the important info about the people that you are scheduled to meet, which will eventually help you break the ice in the meetings.
  12. SocioBoard:SocioBoard is one of the most prominent and best open-source social media management tool that ensures that users can reap maximum benefits out of Social Media advertising.
  13. Wistia:Wistia is an online video marketing platform that provides video hosting services for businesses, individuals, SMEs, and startups. It basically helps in optimizing the users’ content marketing strategy by customizing videos and building brand awareness.
  14. SlideShare:SlideShare is undoubtedly the biggest photo slideshow software to get professional results and is also known as ” YouTube of PowerPoint presentations”. This majestic tool offers a variety of input and output choices as well as editing tools with images, effects, transitions, and music.
  15. Rapportive:Rapportive is a free blogging tool that will put up the social media details of the email senders. It is a perfect tool if you are consideing the idea of intgrating your LinkedIn account to your Gmail inbox.

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