Producing quality content that is loved by your audience and keeps them engaged is a big challenge. There are a myriad of tools out there to make the process easier for you, right from generating new content ideas to distributing and promoting your content. Here is a list of some of our favorite tools that we would recommend to all content marketers.

Q: Are there any data points that SEO campaign can take and use from a successful PPC campaign that is targeted on the same keyword segments? A: If you are already running a successful PPC campaign, a brief analysis of it can help in strategizing and improving your SEO campaign.

An active user base of more than 200 million. 400 million tweets every day. $950 million total ad revenue. Twitter is growing every day and giving you more and more options to grow your business. Why not utilize this platform for more exposure, leads and sales for your business? Twitter has several paid options for your business.

Q: Google is no more showing Authorship photos. Does this mean Authorship is not as important as it was earlier? A: John Mueller's announcement regarding removal of all author photos and Google+ view counts from desktop & mobile search results, was an unpleasant surprise for webmasters. Many wondered why Google would do this? Here's wha

Travelers Spending More Time Consuming Travel Videos Content on YouTube: A Good News for Travel Businesses Here is a great news for all travel businesses, according to a new whitepaper from Think With Google, tra

Q: I have an eCommerce site and want to know how can we differentiate between thin & rich content, so as to avoid thin content penalty? A: If you have a high domain authority, Google will look at the thin content in an other way. The best example is eBay, which managed to escape from the eyes of Google for many years, despite having thin content.

Q: I have come to know that insurance is the most sought after keyword on the Internet. I run an insurance agency and think that using AdWords for car insurance would be an expensive affair. Do I have other options? Can I go for SEO? A:SEO or the search path involves drilling down to your keywords. Instead of trying to compete for "insurance", it's be

Q: We are a local business operating in Chicago. Some of our competitor listings are displayed with stars when people search for industry specific keywords, but ours does not. How can we make these stars show up for our listing in Google search? A: Stars show up in Google search as a result of your status in Google+ Local. Google+ Local, which is now

Not long after Yelp accused Google of manipulating its search results to favor it’s own content over that of the latter, the search engine giant updated the local search algorithm to fix the problem. Since the fire spread in the forest, there have been speculations about why does the update matter and how the update is going to affect the local businesses.

Q: How can I create a strategic link building plan for my website without the fear of getting penalized by Google? A: You might have heard time and again about the “Link building is dead” theories, but link building is still alive. It is just that some of the old methods of link building have died. Google has never said links are dead, in fact it

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