Doubts on search results and ranking flux early in May? Cleared. The roll out of Panda 4.0 update? Confirmed. The list of the biggest losers and winners? Seen. So, what’s next? Well, it’s time to take steps to recover from the Panda 4.0 penalty, and create content that is Panda friendly. We have come up with the complete story of Google Panda 4.0 update, how did it affect websites

Q: When I type a query in the search box, Google automatically starts predicting what I am going to write and also shows results based on my location. As such, what is more important- the analytics which are always mentioned in optimizing the webpage, the IP address or the searcher’s gateway? Suppose I have offices in different countries, how can I make sure the users

Q: What should I do if I want to show my video in the Rich Snippets of Google Search Engine? A: To assure your video appears in the rich snippets of Google search results first of all ensure that it is present in YouTube and is optimized. This is because, most of the videos shown in the search results are from YouTube. However, videos can also be extr

Q. If an Indian company is optimizing local, how will it affect their organic search results in the USA? A. You can carry out local optimization for your company based in India, nevertheless, build your social media audience in the USA. Try earning links from relevant US domains whenever possible but not at the cost of your Indian market. Besides this

As SEO gets more content-centric, let's look at 8 trends that we need to be equipped with this year. 2013 was one of the most eventful years in the history of search marketing, with Google releasing a volley of updates making traditional SEOs run for cover. As SEO (search engine optimization) gets more content-centric, let’s look at what this year has in store for us.

A year after launching the Keyword Planner, Google made the first major update to the tool last week and added a set of new features to make it highly visual and more powerful. These updates are likely to make the tool less time consuming and more useful for marketers. With the new updates to the Google Keyword Planner, advertisers get a deeper insight into data over time, mobile tren

Q: Should I just use one single keyword to optimize the homepage, or should I include few other keywords? What should be the keyword strategy for landing pages and blog pages? A: It is very important to choose the correct keyword mapping strategy for all the pages on your website. Each page, whether it is the homepage, micro/blog page or a landing page, has a different approach to the

Q: Is it recommended to have one powerful website or a group of several cross linked domains? A: If all of your web content are related thematically, it is better to have one powerful website with many inbound links, rather than having several weak websites. But, if you are optimizing for local sites and your content is not thematically relate

Q: How can I localize my website to make sure that it gets showed up for local searches? A: Google and Bing localize content for those searches in which the user enters the city name. So this means that you have to give a hint to Google about your location. For eg, if someone searches for New Delhi SEO companies, you have to signal Google that you are

Q: What are sitelinks? How does Google decide which sitelinks to display for a particular search? Can I customize them according to my preference? A: The links below a site on Google are called sitelinks. If you search for a company name, Google will often display sitelinks. For example, search for

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