Q: 301 and 302 the most commonly used redirects. Please tell how to use them in the right way and what influence will these have on the SEO. A: It is true that improper use of redirects can hugely impact the search engine optimization part of the website. The working of a redirect may look simple but it could be the main reason for poor SEO performanc

Q: I am almost done with a blog post but before publishing it, want to know if I can pass around 200 links. Google recommends keeping link number less than 100. Please tell if the post will be considered spammy with so many links, will it affect the ranking and why has Google provided the link numbers recommendation? A: Initially Google use to index o

Q: I have recently created a website and want to know how to use H Tag HTML elements properly. Also, I want to know if they help in Google rankings? Please explain. A: There's no exact proof if header tags contribute to an increase in Google rankings. There are several pages that work well without the header tags. But, I recommend using them and espec

Q: I have recently created an HTML 5 website, which has an endless scroll. However, we are not seeing a ranking improvement. What could be the matter? A: It is true that modern web development techniques are evolving at a pace we did not even imagine. If you do not keep up with the front end web development & design, you will eventually be at a di

Q: I want to create a listings website in Panama but I also want to bring people from the US.A and Canada. Should I buy a .pa domain or use common TLDs like .com & .net? A: You have to perform a local SEO that is way different from the traditional local SEO that any other listings website in New York is doing. It is all about showing up at the top

Q: My eCommerce website suffered from a huge traffic drop last week and I am assuming that it has been hit by the latest Panda update. How can I exactly find out the reason behind the organic traffic drop? What is the new Panda version targeting at? How can my website recover from the Panda penalty? A: Google started rolling out the

Q: I am planning to aggressively run an advertising campaign for my eCommerce site. There's a lot of buzz about Remarketing. How can I use Remarketing to increase by revenue? A: Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back the customers who have previously visited your website with tailored ads. There's a lot of noise about the effectiveness of Remark

Q: Is it true that Google no longer rewards a press release? If I am submitting press release, will it give any SEO value? I run a small landscaping company so it gets difficult to come up with new ideas for blogs. But, now I am worried if my website is getting any value from the PRs I am submitting for SEO purpose. A: Press release do have a positive

Q: Will Adding Schema Markup Guarantee the New Sitelinks Searchbox Feature for My Website? A: Google has recently made changes in the search box that appears within the Google search results in the search results snippet. The sitelinks search box in Google enables:

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